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General Hospital
Episode Recap
August 7, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Sonny invents an excuse to avoid spending the evening with Kate. Spinelli tells Jason about several of Karpov's lady friends losing their lives under highly suspicious circumstances.

Meanwhile, Karpov comes on strong with Carly in hopes of moving from mere acquaintances to "friends" on a much more intimate level.

Lulu suffers through another terrifying vision of Logan returning from the dead. Jerry suggests to a bristling Sam that she's jealous of his relationship with her mother.

Carly agrees to go for a late night ride in Karpov's convertible. Nikolas catches Nadine eavesdropping on Matt once again.

Later, an irritated Matt threatens to take out a restraining order against Nadine unless she stops harassing him. Kate confides to Sonny how scared and excited she is about their impending nuptials.

Jason is concerned to learn about Carly going off alone with Karpov.

With the heat still on in the wake of the gang shooting, Sal asks Johnny and Lulu to look after Lourdes for a while.

Sonny tells Milo he suspects Karpov is moving drugs into Port Charles despite his promise to the contrary.

Spinelli is disappointed to think that Jason considers him useful only when he's in front of a computer. Karpov makes it clear to Carly what he wants from her.

Johnny gently explains to Lourdes why it would be best if she stayed in her own apartment during her brother's absence.

Though Sam and Nikolas feel certain Jerry is guilty, Lucky points out how others in town have far stronger motives for smuggling drugs.

Jason warns Karpov he'll die if he lays another hand on Carly.

Until next time on General Hospital ...

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