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Today on General Hospital, Jason wants Carly to keep her guard up as he believes the killer may still be out there. Michael is determined to protect Carly as he looks at the gun he bought.

Needing to be with each other, Jason and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) make plans to meet up at the safe house but Elizabeth can barely keep her eyes open while driving there in the rain.

Monica and Tracy's war escalates as Tracy reveals Monica has been suspended from the hospital. Monica gets behind the wheel of her car as she drinks.

Lucky throws Sam's lies in her face and sends her packing, then dismisses Sam when she later calls to tell him that the test message killer sent her a threatening text message. The killer attacks Sam, who manages to flee.

After having sex, Claudia reads Sonny like a book before slipping off into the night. Kate opens up to Jax as she confesses the truth about her past as Connie Falconari. We learn Claudia is a Zacchara - Anthony's daughter.

General Hospital
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