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Claudia introduces herself to a surprised Sonny and the other heads of the Five Families. Trevor orders an unhappy Marianna to get her hands on the deed to Alcazar's waterfront property any way she can.

Spinelli and Maxie add Logan to their short list of suspects as text message killer. Meanwhile, Sam awakens in her hospital bed to find her masked assailant standing over her once again.

Elizabeth and her boys move back into their refurbished house.

Marianna tells a sympathetic Ric how her parents used her as a drug mule when she was only a young girl. Claudia advises the mob leaders to understand that she now represents the Zacchara family.

Jason cautions Elizabeth not to say anything about Sam's accident just yet.

Ric catches Marianna trying to set fire to his papers. Claudia proves she can handle herself after the mobsters try to rough her up. Nikolas confesses his fear that he may have run his cousin down mid-blackout.

Diane urges Alexis to keep distance from Jerry. After preventing the deed from going up in smoke, Ric demands some answers from Marianna. Spinelli finds himself fantasizing about Maxie during their stake-out.

Sonny grows irked by Jason's split focus. Marianna evades Ric's questions about her bruises. Lucky listens skeptically to Sam's (Kelly Monaco) story about her second visit from the serial killer.

General Hospital
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