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Wanting to get back in the game, Luke goes to Sonny looking for a job but gets turned down for his own good. Claudia puts Trevor in his place and plans on dealing with Sonny.

After a chance encounter at Jake's, Luke leaves Claudia frustrated when he fails to tell her what she wants to know about Sonny. Luke warns Claudia that anyone who goes after Sonny's family has a death wish.

Claudia approaches Jason at Jake's. Jax tries to draw out Kate.

A guilty Elizabeth stops herself from telling Lucky she believes she's the person who ran Sam down.

Lucky and Elizabeth clash when he becomes certain that Jason knows more about Sam's (Kelly Monaco) accident than he's letting on.

Sam can't hide her bitterness when Jason tries to question her about her accident.

Diane reaches out to Alexis as a friend when she drops by the lake house. The Text Message Killer plans on making Alexis his next victim.

Diane takes action when Alexis sees someone lurking outside and ends up conking Mayor Floyd over the head by mistake. Kristina screams out in terror when she sees the killer through the window.

Sonny confronts Michael after Mike tips him off that he caught Michael buying bullets.

Epiphany suffers a heart attack.

General Hospital
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