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PART ONE: Today on General Hospital, Tracy is surprised to find Luke working behind the counter at Kelly's. Kate refuses to take no for an answer from Sonny. Claudia challenges Jason to a game of pool. Kristina lets out a scream after spotting an intruder near the lake house. Luke invites his estranged wife to share the room he's taken above the diner but Tracy advises him to shove it. Spinelli is dazzled by his first glimpse of Claudia. Sam and Elizabeth exchange another barrage of insults at the hospital.

PART TWO: Carly and Jax happily daydream about their own bundle of joy as they peer at the newborns in the hospital nursery's viewing window. Later, Robin and Carly are startled to realize that they're both expecting babies. As Kristina shuts down emotionally, Alexis explains to Lucky, Mac and Scott why she's certain the girl saw a stranger outside. Nikolas admits to his injured cousin that he may be responsible for the hit and run. Jax congratulates Robin but reminds her not to say anything about the pregnancy.

PART THREE: Spinelli and Jason break into the impound warehouse. Maxie urges her father to erase the stain on Coop's name. Later, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) weeps upon opening a sentimental Valentine's Day gift Coop bought for her weeks before he died. Tracy rejects Luke's suggestion that they work together to prove that Monica ran Sam down. Sonny warns Claudia to keep her distance from Kate. Jason tells Elizabeth he's unearthed evidence which clears Nikolas of any culpability in the accident.

General Hospital
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