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General Hospital

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Sonny demands to know what's been splitting Jason's focus. Carly and Jax decide the time has come to tell the boys about the baby on the way. Worried about Kristina, Alexis makes an appointment with Lainey. Elizabeth tries to convince Nikolas he couldn't have been responsible for the hit and run.

Claudia tells Johnny how different life was for their family before Trevor became part of it. Claudia is intrigued to learn of the ties which bind Sonny, Ric and Trevor. Logan and Lulu have an awkward encounter. Sonny comes to check on Kristina and finds Kate visiting Alexis. Ignoring Maxie, Spinelli issues a word of warning to Lulu.

Concerned that Michael might be using drugs, Jax convinces Carly to help him search her son's room.

Ian helps Robin identify the pills Maxie found in her boyfriend's place after he died. Spinelli explains to an uneasy Lulu why Logan must be considered a prime suspect in the text message killings. Michael takes his gun down to the docks. Nikolas collapses in the hospital and begins to remember the night Emily died.

Jason realizes that the woman he met at Jake's is none other than Claudia Zacchara.

General Hospital
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