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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 2-25-07

Emily tells Nikolas she's certain Logan wasn't the man who hurt her. As the text message killer finally removes his ski mask, Sam is shocked to see the "late" Diego Alcazar standing before her. Michael finally phones home and tearfully whispers an apology to his mom...

After the call from Michael is abruptly cut short, Carly tries in vain to keep her fear in check. Diego explains to a trembling Sam how his father secretly revived him in the morgue and then flew him to South America while preserving the myth that he had perished in the shoot-out.

Out of earshot, Trevor hisses at Marianna that he expects her to retrieve the deed to Lorenzo's waterfront property. A weeping Lulu admits to Nikolas how she put Logan in a coma when she thought he was the text message killer. Diego informs Sam he's been avenging his father's murder...

Pointing her gun at Sonny, Claudia orders him to return to her bed. Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) tries to assure Lulu that she won't end up like their mother. Sam frantically attempts to escape from Diego's clutches. Maxie grows uncomfortable under gentle praise from Spinelli.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) cons Claudia into coming close enough to disarm her. Incensed when he repeats that their sexual encounter was one night only, Claudia renews her vow to get back at Sonny. Ric orders Trevor to treat his new friend with the respect she deserves.

General Hospital
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