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  • Diego (a.k.a. The Text Message Killer) is in the car and teeters precariously over the edge of a cliff with Elizabeth handcuffed in the backseat and Sam still stashed in the trunk.
  • Elizabeth manages to free herself from the handcuffs but Diego regains consciousness before she can free Sam and escape. Diego holds his gun on Elizabeth as a police car approaches.
  • Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) watches in horror as Diego shoots at Lucky (Greg Vaughan). Jason finds Diego's car as Elizabeth fights Diego for control of the gun.
  • Claudia vows to make Sonny pay when she realizes he's holding Johnny hostage.
  • Kate and Sonny want to make a go of things.
  • Robin, Patrick and Ian deal with the tragedy of losing a patient.
  • Patrick again asks Robin if he's the father of her baby, and this time Robin confirms he is.
  • Nikolas wants to exact revenge on Diego for Emily's murder.
  • Lulu defends her relationship with Johnny to Claudia.
  • Claudia decides to give Lulu a chance.
General Hospital
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