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PART ONE: Jason and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) enjoy their time together at the safe house. In the ER, Patrick explains to a worried Alexis that her injured daughter has been stabilized but is still in critical condition. Luke (Anthony Geary) is irked to find Logan with Lulu. Claudia loses no time throwing her weight around in the Zacchara crew, much to Trevor's dismay.

PART TWO: Ric and Marianna spend the night making love. Alexis wonders who could have run Sam down and just left her for dead. The police tell Monica her stolen car has been located but did retain some substantial damage. Lucky takes charge of the investigation into the hit and run. Meanwhile, Jason points out to Elizabeth that her vehicle appears to have blood stains.

PART THREE: Logan criticizes Luke for his lackluster parenting skills, then declares that he loves Lulu and intends to win her over. Marianna cautions Ric that small town gossip may now envelope them both. Tracy suspects that Monica is hiding some terrible secret. Lucky admits to Elizabeth how guilty he feels about not believing that Sam was in danger.

PART FOUR: Johnny gives Claudia the lowdown on their enemies. Cassius continues to try to reach out to Epiphany as she grieves for her son. Luke attempts to mend fences with an angry Tracy. Marianna becomes flustered by Ric's flattering attention. Shocked to learn of Sam's (Kelly Monaco) situation, Elizabeth wonders if she could have been responsible for the accident.

General Hospital
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