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Patrick is forced to sedate Nikolas when he suffers another rage episode (and accidentally pushes Nadine). Nikolas is calmed, though, by Emily's presence.

  • Carly throws down with Elizabeth, who holds her own. Before storming off, Carly vows to Elizabeth she'll see to it that Jason claims Jake as his.
  • Johnny is alerted when Logan tells him Lulu is missing. Pretending to be Moreau, Jerry lets Johnny know that he holds Lulu's fate in his hands.

Johnny has no choice but to team up with Logan to find Lulu. Lulu makes a desperate call to Spinelli. After breaking into the now empty biker bar, Diane and Alexis realize they have more in common than thought.

Diane opens up to Alexis about allowing a guilty man to be sent to jail (where he was murdered), even though she could have got him off with a technicality had she really tried.

General Hospital
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