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PART I: Skye tells Monica and Edward she's leaving Port Charles. Elizabeth again catches Cameron playing with matches. Sam informs Jason she spilled the beans about his son because she was still hurting from the way he dumped her. Jax listens sympathetically as a tearful Skye admits the real reason she's decided to go.

PART II: Sonny warns Carly not to meddle in the situation involving baby Jake. Kate reluctantly packs for a month-long sojourn in Paris. Lucky drops by for a chat with Elizabeth and finds her frazzled from dealing with Cameron's misbehavior. Tracy lays down the law with Luke as he prepares to be discharged.

PART III: Epiphany's job performance begins to suffer as she continues to grieve for Stan. Luke asks Skye to do him one last favor before she departs. Joe brings his pregnant wife to the ER after she collapses. Ignoring Sonny's advice, Carly nags an exasperated Jason to do what's best for Jake and claim him as his son.

PART IV: Upon learning the Smiths' insurance policy lapsed, the hospital administration refuses to allow Angie to be treated. Jax and Carly quarrel about her obsessive need to monitor Jason's life. Cameron throws another lit match into a wastebasket, then races outside with his mother in hot pursuit.

General Hospital
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