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As General Hospital returns, Robin is as shocked as Kelly is when she finds out that she is pregnant. She conceived around Christmas... does that mean Patrick could be the father?

Nikolas decides to confess to seeing Emily in order to get treatment. Logan and Lulu are brought to a boiler room where they are handcuffed to pipes.  Sonny asks Kate to marry him.

Kelly tries to encourage Robin (Kimberly McCullough) to not only tell the father but also that a defective condom could mean that he was exposed to the HIV virus.

Just as Nikolas is about to tell Patrick that he's been seeing Emily, Robin comes in with his charts. Elizabeth feels that she is ready to go home with Jake but Dr. Julian doesn't agree. Jerry is outraged when he finds out that Lulu tried to escape and tries to decide what to do with her and Logan.

Patrick tells Nikolas he'd rather work on shrinking the tumor as opposed to operating. Once the size of the tumor goes down, his hallucinations will stop but is that really what Nikolas would want?

Lucky brings Jake in to visit Elizabeth in her room. Logan lashes out at Lulu, saying how upset he is that he lied to everyone to cover for her after she disappeared and he wants to go to the police about Johnny.  I

Kate takes some time to herself to think about what has just happened and Sonny's proposal. Sonny heads back to the movie theater to clear his mind.

Emily appears as Nikolas tries to decide if he dies or gives up Emily for good. She makes the decision for him and disappears, leaving him alone.

Logan gets free and tries to make an escape. As the men come in and try to shoot Lulu, Jason and Johnny bust in and shoot the men instead.

Sonny buys the restaurant where he took Kate and tells Moose, the owner, to take his family and clear out. Patrick tells Leo about Leyla's seduction.

Patrick is indeed the father of Robin's baby ... but will she tell him? 

  • Johnny lights gunpowder to blow up the ship where Lulu was being held but is attacked by one of Jerry's men. The ship blows up as Jason, Spinelli, Logan, and Lulu watch from the docks.
  • Nikolas decides to leave the hospital without seeking any treatment.... but he finds Emily later in the hospital and the two embrace.
  • Lucky agrees to take care of the boys while Elizabeth finishes resting up in the hospital for a few more days. Jason watches Lucky take his son home ...
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