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Jason continues to have doubts that Coop was the Text Message Killer as the authorities close the books on the case. Maxie demands Spinelli help her prove Coop's innocence and find out who killed Georgie.

Spinelli starts to form a theory about the killer after Maxie confides in him how she met Coop during the hostage crisis. Alexis tries not to let Jerry get to her but finds herself flustered.

Elizabeth refuses to accept Sam's offer to call a truce between them. Sam insists she has genuinely fallen in love with Lucky but Elizabeth remains firm that Sam will never spend time alone with Jake or Cameron.

Lucky overhears Elizabeth and Sam's argument and later asks Elizabeth to tell him what else Sam has been keeping from him.

Knowing the affect it will have on Patrick, Leyla accepts Ian's invitation to join him for a drink. Patrick (Jason Thompson) accuses Robin of being obsessed with having a baby.

The mansion becomes a battleground when Monica evicts Tracy from the house with Edward's blessing. Tracy is appalled to learn all her assets have been frozen when she tries to get a room at the Metro Court.

Monica turns to alcohol to try and numb the pain.

General Hospital
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