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General Hospital
July 16, 2008
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Today on General Hospital ...

Clarice joins the "Crimson" staff as accessories editor. Max asks Sonny to take him and Milo back on board. At the precinct house, Lucky snarls at Johnny for wrecking Lulu's life.

A woman brings her feverish daughter to the free clinic after the child fails to respond to medication prescribed by the doctors at Mercy Hospital. Diane warns Kate that she's mishandling her volatile fiance.

Meanwhile, Sonny grouses to Max about the way Kate's recent behavior has driven a wedge between them. Sam decides to enlist Lucky's help tracking down the source of the counterfeit drugs which have been plaguing Port Charles.

A gloomy Spinelli drowns his sorrows at Jake's. Anna happily confides to Robin how connected she and Eli feel, then thanks her daughter for hiding her baby bump from the singer.

Maxie hisses at Lulu to get her act together before anyone becomes suspicious. Kate continues to be torn between her career and her love for Sonny. As Eli hops onto a barstool near Spinelli, Coleman asks the rock star to give the young man a few tips on scoring with women.

Diane assures Max she's fine with him going back to work for Sonny. Later, Diane gives Sonny a word to the wise concerning Kate. Jerry comes to Matt for treatment after Mac sucker punches him in the kidney.

Lulu is irked to find Maxie and Johnny with their heads together.

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