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General Hospital
July 2, 2008: Recap

Today on General Hospital:

Carly warns Sonny she'll see to it that he never marries Kate if he ever again attempts to sabotage her relationship with Jax.

Logan bumps into Lulu on the pier and asks why she's been ignoring him.

Sauntering into Jason's penthouse, Maxie announces that she's putting herself in charge of Spinelli's recuperation.

Johnny forces Claudia to admit that Nikolas knows about their connection to Devlin. Matt reluctantly reports for duty at the free clinic.

Sonny bitterly accuses Carly of punishing him by ripping his sons away. Mayor Floyd drops an ominous hint to Nikolas.

Though Logan urges her to give him another chance, Lulu insists she's with Johnny now. Delighted with Maxie's attentions, Spinelli decides not to disclose that he's already well on the mend.

Max overhears Sonny and Carly arguing about their misguided moment of passion. Johnny reminds Claudia why Jason can never know what they've done.

One of Matt's patients at the clinic takes a turn for the worse after ingesting a dose of her prescribed meds. Maxie confides to a disappointed Spinelli how he's become her very best friend in the world.

Sonny begins to suspect that Jason is running his organization into the ground. Logan approaches Matt with an offer to supply "discount" drugs to the hospital.

Claudia appeals to Carly to help her break Lulu and Johnny apart.

Spinelli turns to Leyla for enlightenment about what women look for in the man of their dreams.

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