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General Hospital
July 21, 2008

Though Claudia insists that Karpov's presence will affect the balance of power in Port Charles, Sonny shrugs off her words of warning.

Desperate to protect Lulu from prosecution, Johnny grabs the gun and pretends to take his girlfriend hostage.

As they flee from the precinct house in a stolen car, Johnny tells Lulu he couldn't let her confess to killing Logan. Spinelli comforts Maxie after she shakily describes how Anthony threatened to bump her off.

Jax and Carly argue again about Kate. Meanwhile, Kate enlists Clarice in a sly maneuver to cause even more friction between Jax and his wife.

At the hospital, Nadine explains to Nikolas how she hopes to ferret out Matt's secret by going on a date with him.

Claudia suggests to Sonny that his so-called retirement has left him highly susceptible to Karpov's business proposition.

Mac takes Jason into custody as a possible accomplice in Lulu's "kidnapping." Concerned about Nadine's safety, Nikolas urges her not to have dinner with Matt.

To Carly's dismay, Jax buys Kate's story and accuses his wife of lying to him yet again. Jason confides to Diane how Johnny has been covering for Lulu.

As Claudia vehemently denies sneaking a gun in for her brother, Mac warns her that Johnny's life is on the line now that he's on the lam with a hostage. Jax icily informs Carly he's moving out.

Cody warns Jason that the Russian mob has arrived in Port Charles. Johnny reminds Lulu how important she is to him.

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General Hospital
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