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General Hospital
Episode Recap
July 22, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Claudia presses Spinelli to use his computer skills to locate her brother. At the precinct house, Nikolas asks Jason for help finding Lulu.

Jax informs Carly he wants a separation. Johnny brings Lulu to the home of his former piano teacher, where he reminisces about happier days when music was his only life line.

A seething Anthony accuses Trevor of driving his son to desperate measures. Maxie risks Claudia's wrath by ordering her to back off of Spinelli.

Carly reminds Jax how many times he's walked away from his marriages without even trying to make them work.

When Claudia threatens to spill her secret, Maxie elects to come clean with Spinelli about the way she agreed to seduce Johnny for a large amount of cash.

Ignoring Anthony's threats, Trevor angrily insists that Johnny's father is responsible for the young man's uncertain future. Claudia's attempt to turn Spinelli against Maxie fails miserably.

Certain she's repeating her mother's sad history, Lulu declares that she must be held accountable for what she's done. Desperate to keep Jax from walking out on her, Carly pulls him into a passionate kiss.

Nadine abruptly abandons her dinner date with Matt and hurries to offer Nikolas her assistance. Jax tells a stunned Carly he does love her but he's still leaving.

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