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General Hospital
July 29 Recap

On today's General Hospital:

Though Jason accuses him of lying, Ric gleefully repeats his assertion that Sonny has teamed up with Andre Karpov.

As they head backstage at the Eli Love concert, Robin tells Patrick the singer deserves to be punished for the way he hurt Anna.

Johnny squirms when Sal vows to make the Zaccharas pay for killing his father. Sam persuades Karpov to hire her on as captain of one of his ships. Jax is surprised to find Carly waiting for him in his hotel room.

Claudia rails at Ric for making a bad situation worse by shooting off his big mouth. Anna reads Eli the riot act for his boorish behavior but finally agrees to give him a second chance.

Jason asks Spinelli to check out Ric's story. Jax subjects his sputtering wife to the bum's rush when Giselle arrives for their business meeting. Robin enlists Max and Milo to kidnap Eli at gunpoint.

Lourdes closely watches Johnny's reaction to her brother's tale about the hateful Zacchara family. Anna is humiliated once again when Eli embraces a beautiful young woman on stage following his set.

Later, however, Anna leaps into action to rescue the rock star from his "abductors." Nadine quietly explains to Nikolas how she's pretending to need cash in hopes Matt will invite her to take part in his drug scam.

Unwilling to take no for an answer, Carly returns to Jax's room and turns up the heat on her seduction scene.

After Sal and Lourdes depart, Johnny admits to Lulu how he's never come face to face with any of his father's victims before.

Until tomorrow's General Hospital ...

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