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General Hospital
July 30, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Carly continues the full court press in an effort to lure Jax back into her arms. At the free clinic, Nikolas again vetoes Nadine's plan to pull information out of Matt.

Lulu and Johnny enjoy some domestic bliss in their temporary domicile. Desperate to make her point, Carly handcuffs herself to an annoyed Jax.

Max explains to Diane how he got a black eye from Anna while he and his brother were pretending to kidnap Eli Love.

Meanwhile, Robin apologetically admits to Anna that she wanted Eli to see her kick-butt secret agent mom in action. Carly realizes she's lost the key to the handcuffs.

Though Diane advises her client to come clean with Jason, Sonny insists there's nothing left to discuss.

Eli appeals to Anna to give him another chance.

Despite Nikolas' words of warning, Nadine tries again to cozy up to Matt. Lulu melts down as she shakily relives her fatal encounter with Logan.

A jealous Max takes exception to Karpov's flattering remarks directed at Diane. An old flame of Eli's materializes at the hospital with a boy in tow and demands that the rock star spend time with young Elijah.

Ric asks Sonny if he's getting back into the business. As Anna looks on, Eli icily informs his old girlfriend he has no interest in knowing his son.

After a locksmith frees them from the cuffs, Jax urges Carly to stop playing games and give him some time and space instead.

Robin is pleased to see Patrick reaching out to Elijah. Jerry seeks to make himself invaluable to Karpov.

Until tomorrow on General Hospital ...

General Hospital
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