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General Hospital
July 7 Episode Guide

Today on General Hospital, Kate and Jax head to New York City together for a museum benefit. Meanwhile, a seething Carly vows to make Kate pay for getting Jax in a liplock.

Anthony reminds a tearful Claudia that she's always been a manipulative slut ever since she tried to seduce Trevor when she was sixteen.

Bending over the unconscious Maxie, Logan glances up to see Lulu watching him from the balcony of Johnny's apartment.

Robin drops by Sonny's place to congratulate him on his retirement from organized crime. Jason warns Carly she'll just stir up her ex if she publicly humiliates Kate.

A terrified Lulu tries to flee but is cornered by Logan. Robin dispenses some unsolicited advice to Sonny about his real reason for rushing into marriage.

Claudia bitterly accuses Anthony of putting a hit out on his own daughter. Jason wonders aloud if Carly is hoping her husband will learn that she had sex with Sonny.

Johnny comes to the Crimson office and is startled to find Maxie lying on the floor. Logan again explains to a trembling Lulu why they belong together.

In Manhattan, a paparazzi snaps what appears to be a compromising photo of Jax and Kate in the back of a limo.

Claudia throws herself at Sonny
. Certain Logan means to kill her, Lulu grabs a large knife and plunges it into her attacker.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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