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General Hospital
June 10, 2008 Recap

Today on General Hospital, Alexis appeals to Jax for help convincing Sonny to give up his claim on Kristina. Meanwhile, Sonny explains to Kate why he's contemplating returning to his position of power.

Claudia coaxes Maxie to accept her business proposition, then has to duck into hiding when Lulu returns to the "Crimson" office with Johnny in tow.

Leyla jumps to Spinelli's defense after he comes under verbal attack from another bridesmaid. Jax asks his wife to talk Sonny into agreeing to Alexis' request but Carly refuses to lift a finger.

Mayor Floyd prods an irked Mac to start making some high profile arrests. Maxie's quick thinking prevents Lulu from discovering Claudia. Leyla thanks Spinelli for a lovely evening.

Later, Spinelli decks a passerby after the man labels Leyla a terrorist because of her Iranian heritage. Desperate for help, Alexis turns next to Kate but is taken aback when her friend declares she doesn't believe Sonny should sign away his parental rights to any of his kids.

Claudia decides to move herself and her brother into Jax's former penthouse. Diane is forced to lay down the law with Sonny. Carly finally relents and tells Jax she'll have a talk with her ex.

Spinelli is arrested for assault but Leyla insists his actions were heroic instead of criminal. Kate warns Jax that their significant others may be heading back into all too familiar territory.

Maxie takes Claudia up on her indecent proposal. The charges against Nadine and Nikolas are dropped.

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General Hospital
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