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General Hospital
June 9, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

As Claudia warns her bristling brother to dump his nut job of a girlfriend, Lulu arrives and tears into her favorite target once again.

On Spoon Island, Nadine struggles to conceal her disappointment when it becomes apparent that Nikolas only wants help starting up a new clinic.

Sonny instructs Jason to run Mike's loan shark out of town but the new head of the Corinthos mob insists on playing the game by his own set of rules. Leyla thanks Spinelli for agreeing to escort her to a family wedding.

Johnny orders Claudia not to disrespect Lulu but the two women continue to snarl at one another. Though Nikolas offers to pay her five thousand dollars a week to work at his free clinic, Nadine offers to volunteer her time instead. Spinelli's good intentions once again land him in hot water.

After Claudia storms out, Johnny and Lulu argue again about his sister's budding friendship with Nikolas. Lucky thanks Jason for protecting baby Jake by sacrificing his own claim on the boy.

An exasperated Leyla explains to Spinelli how her mother expects her to marry a man with a similar background. Mac reports to Carly that they're closing the file on Michael's shooting because all indications are that Ian acted alone.

Nadine shows Nikolas an abandoned building as a possible site for the clinic. Later, the two are arrested for trespassing and solicitation. Claudia offers to pay Maxie twenty grand if she'll seduce Johnny and have Lulu catch them in the act.

Sonny asks Kate if she would stay with him if he decided to take back his organization.

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General Hospital
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