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General Hospital
Episode Recap
June 12, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Robin overhears Elizabeth urging Patrick not to miss out on fatherhood just because he has an irrational fear of commitment.

Jax takes Spinelli to the Haunted Star for a private tutorial on gaming. Nikolas begins work on converting the old building into his free clinic.

Anthony pays a call on his children in their new penthouse.

Robin tells Patrick she doesn't agree with Elizabeth's assessment of their situation because she's fully prepared to raise her child alone.

Jax gives Spinelli pointers on the sophisticated art of fine living. Lucky and Sam arrive in Mexico and set out to pick up Luke's trail.

Nadine commends Nikolas for honoring Emily's memory by reaching out to people in need. Giselle drops by the "Crimson" office to trade thinly veiled insults with Kate.

Jax decides to have his tailor give Spinelli a complete sartorial makeover. Anthony reminds a shuddering Lulu that he's never far away.

The bartender in a local dive gives Lucky another coded message from his dad. Jax invites Giselle to join him and Kate for a night at the casino.

Leyla warns Nadine that Claudia is sinking her hooks into Nikolas.

Affecting an Australian accent and emulating his mentor's demeanor as well, Spinelli makes a striking first impression on Giselle.

Claudia and Lulu face off yet again. Patrick discovers Robin lying unconscious on the floor of her living room.

Until tomorrow on General Hospital ...

General Hospital
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