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General Hospital
June 13, 2008 (Recap)

Today on General Hospital:

In Mexico, Sam bumps into a bitter woman from her sordid past. Morgan shows Carly the Father's Day gift he made for Sonny. Patrick rushes Robin to the hospital after finding her lying on the floor of her apartment.

A tearful Diane tells Jason how she's been missing her dad as Father's Day approaches. Worried about his former employer's state of mind, Max tries to coax Sonny into joining him for a fishing trip up at the cabin.

Carly gently explains to Morgan why he can't spend any more time with his dad. Nadine is mortified after blurting out a blunt question about Nikolas' personal life. Sam watches through narrowed eyes as Sharon attempts to work her wiles on Lucky.

Aboard the Haunted Star, Spinelli finds his luck changing as he continues to charm Giselle. Kelly assures a relieved Robin that her baby is doing fine. Jason brings Sonny the gift Michael ordered off the internet months ago. Lulu apologizes to Carly for being so insensitive to her pain.

Claudia warns Nadine that her jealousy is showing. Sam slugs Sharon and is promptly placed under arrest by the local constabulary.

Claudia is rattled to encounter Jerry at the casino. Determined to join Sam in custody, Lucky punches out one of the Mexican cops. Jerry cautions Claudia to keep her mouth shut about Michael.

Kelly prescribes several days of bed rest for a grumbling Robin. Mayor Floyd throws a monkey wrench into Nikolas' plans for his new clinic. Spinelli loses his cool - along with his accent- when Maxie suddenly comes into view.

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