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General Hospital
June 16 Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

An anxious Alexis again appeals to Carly to talk Sonny into giving up his claim on Kristina. Patrick fusses over Robin as she returns home from the hospital. Thrown for a loop by Maxie's arrival, Spinelli's evening gets even worse when a menacing Sonny appears.

Nikolas icily informs Mayor Floyd that nothing can stop him from building a clinic to honor Emily's memory. Claudia thanks Jason for rescuing her from Jerry. Alexis is badly frightened by a visit from Anthony, who reminds the attorney just how vulnerable her sweet little daughter is these days.

Pulling Spinelli aside, Maxie angrily warns him not to mess up the fragile relationship between Giselle and "Crimson." A guilt-ridden Carly admits to Jason that she's having second thoughts about depriving Morgan of his father. Claudia finds a depressed and inebriated Spinelli on the docks.

Jason encourages a tearful Carly to stop looking back and focus instead on doing what's best for her son. Worried about Robin, Mac urges her to move back home for a while but she assures him it won't be necessary.

Meanwhile, Patrick is dismayed to learn what the police commissioner really thinks of him. Claudia brings Spinelli back to the penthouse.

Epiphany tells Robin how Mac hired her to provide around the clock nursing care for his pregnant niece.

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