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General Hospital
June 17, 2008
Episode Recap

On today's episode of General Hospital, Maxie sadly confides to Johnny how her late sister was the only person who ever really "got" her.

Jason returns home and finds Claudia tending to a drunken Spinelli.

At the casino, an embittered Alexis advises Kate to make tracks before Sonny and Carly team up to ruin yet another life.

Stuck in the Mexican jail, Sam concocts an escape plan just as another familiar face from her past appears.

Spinelli explains to Jason how his masquerade went horribly wrong.

Lulu lashes out at Maxie after finding her talking with Johnny. Francisco releases a grateful Lucky and Sam.

Jason accuses Claudia of having an ulterior motive for bringing Spinelli to the penthouse. Fed up with Lulu's fits of jealousy, Johnny icily informs her she doesn't know him at all.

Jerry takes Alexis home and promises her he will never let Anthony cause any harm to little Kristina.

Meanwhile, Carly thanks Sonny for coming to her defense.

Claudia, Jason and Spinelli share a pizza, then are astonished to learn that they must be quarantined together in the penthouse because they've been exposed to a rare and highly contagious virus.

Kate suggests to Sonny that despite all his denials to the contrary he and his ex will never really be over. Alexis finally succumbs to Jerry's kisses. Lulu confronts Maxie yet again.

Later, Johnny stuns Lulu by asking her rival for a date.

Tune in to tomorrow's episode of General Hospital!

General Hospital
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