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General Hospital
Episode Recap
Thurs., June 19

Today on General Hospital, Patrick and Robin come up with a plan to trick Epiphany into returning to the hospital. Carly and Kate face off in the lobby of the Metro Court as Jax looks on.

Alexis icily advises Ric to keep his nose out of her private life. Still under the quarantine at the penthouse, Spinelli panics to learn that one of the side effects of the rare disease is delirium.

Nadine can't help hoping that Nikolas will soon think of her as more than just a friend and a colleague at the new clinic.

Ric warns Alexis that Jerry will turn on her in a heartbeat once she no longer serves his purpose. Jax tries to play mediator to end the squabble between his wife and his business partner.

Lulu admits to Johnny how much she regrets stooping to Maxie's level. As Claudia teaches Spinelli to play pool, Jason begins to suffer the first effects of the contagious illness.

Sam and Lucky return home to Port Charles. An irked Epiphany advises Robin and Patrick to grow up before they become parents of an actual child. Johnny and Lulu happily mend fences.

Ric offers Carly his condolences about Michael. Alexis sheepishly confesses to Jax how she slept with his brother. Sam suggests to Lucky that he may be overcompensating for his own father's lousy parenting skills.

Patrick and Mac lash out at one another when the police commissioner again urges Robin to come home with him. Jax slugs Jerry.

Tracy appeals to Carly for help separating Lulu from Johnny. A feverish Jason suddenly collapses.

What happens next on General Hospital? Find out tomorrow!

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