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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 6.2.08

Today on General Hospital ...

Claudia tends to Nikolas' injured ribs after a late night ride ends with him being thrown from his horse.

As he watches his house burn to the ground, a jeering Anthony tells Jason he always intended to get rid of the old place anyway. Pulling back from Maxie's kiss, Johnny icily informs her that he only has eyes for Lulu.

Nikolas assures Claudia that despite Alfred's suspicions he does not have a death wish. Jason warns Anthony that his next retaliatory move will be even worse. Lulu mocks Maxie for coming on to Johnny and getting shot down.

Sonny asks Kate if she can handle the changes he's made in his life. Jax and Carly again hash out their differences. Spinelli decides to head to the pistol range to learn how to shoot. Lulu appeals to Carly to use her influence to stop the mob war before any more damage is done.

Meanwhile, Ric reports to Sonny how Jason just torched the Zacchara mansion. Sam tries another tack to help Spinelli impress the ladies. Johnny attempts to dissuade his father from escalating the war with Jason.

Claudia's heart goes out to Nikolas as he bemoans losing the love of his life. Ric advises Sonny to offer Anthony some assurances that he no longer has any control over Jason.

Maxie takes another shot at seducing Johnny, who repeats his assertion that he has no interest in her whatsoever. Nikolas and Claudia share a kiss.

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