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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5/28

Today on General Hospital ...

Spinelli awakens to find Maxie sleeping beside him. Jason tells Sonny he'll agree to take over the organization but only on the condition that Michael and Morgan's father sign away his parental rights.

Jax returns home and complains to Carly about the way she keeps shutting him out. Trevor eagerly fuels his employer's paranoia when Anthony wonders if Claudia is making new alliances against him.

Though unable to recall any details of the previous night, Spinelli happily assumes that he and Maxie did the deed. Sam assures Lucky she understands why it might take Elizabeth some time to let her be part of the boys' lives.

Jason reminds Sonny how simply walking away from the business won't guarantee Morgan's safety. Maxie assures a worried Mac that she isn't having sex with Spinelli. Sonny and Jason again argue about how best to keep Morgan secure.

Following a puzzling encounter with Spinelli, Sam decides to have a frank chat with Maxie. Jax and Carly hash out their differences once more. Sonny officially signs over his share of the business to Jason.

Sam gently informs Spinelli that he and Maxie didn't actually have sex. Jason watches Lucky and Elizabeth playing with Cameron and Jake on the pier. Sonny sadly delivers documents to Carly which formally renounce his claim on their sons.

Sam offers to help Spinelli solve his problem with women. Jason announces to Anthony, Ric and Trevor that he's in charge now.

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