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General Hospital
June 23, 2008
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Today on General Hospital, Patrick tries to convince Robin that they should move in together. Confirming that she loves him, Robin worries that living with him will change him from who he is, a high-powered bachelor.

Later, she secretly calls Elizabeth who fakes an emergency and asks Patrick to watch Jake for her
. Lulu's upset when Maxie shows up and interferes with her fun in the sun with Johnny at the Quartermaine boat house.

Untying her bikini top, Maxie asks Johnny to spread some sun screen on her back for her. Anthony calls and demands he come meet with him. Johnny and Maxie end up stuck in an elevator car.

Still locked in the room, Jason orders Claudia to stay away from him. When she ignores him, he calls out to Spinelli for help. Spinelli calms him down and while he takes Jason's temperature, Anthony calls Claudia and demands that she kill Jason, calling it her ticket back into the family business.

Claudia overhears Spinelli tell Jason about his breakthrough, a clue that could lead them to Ian's accomplice in Michael's shooting.

Hearing his brother downplay her concern about having sex last night, Jax accuses Jerry of taking advantage of Alexis.

After Alexis announces to everyone at the station house that she slept with Jerry, Diane pulls her into an interrogation room where Alexis admits that she cares for the guy because she can't have meaningless sex with anyone.

At home, Carly feels ill which makes Jax wonder if she's pregnant. After discussing all that he's had to go through with Michael, Carly and more, Sonny falls onto the couch and then, holding her hand, asks Kate to marry him.

Later, he's taken aback when Kate admits she's talked with Diane about drawing up a pre-nuptial agreement for him.

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General Hospital
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