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General Hospital
June 25, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Kate happily displays her engagement ring to her young assistant but is deflated when Lulu cautions her that Sonny always seems to return to his ex.

Across town, Carly frets over the fact that she might be carrying Sonny's child. Jason and Claudia bump into each other at the hospital when they both drop by to check on Spinelli.

Patrick and Robin again bicker about his involvement in their baby's upbringing. Though Scott insists on filing attempted murder charges against Johnny, Alexis expresses doubts about Logan's version of events.

Sonny overhears Kate boasting to Maxie about her grandiose wedding arrangements. Robin wounds Patrick by reminding him that they are not a real family in any sense of the word.

Maxie assures Claudia she still intends to follow through with their secret business arrangement. Sonny suggests to his fiancee that they keep things simple for his fifth marriage ceremony but Kate urges him to remember how they both deserve all the happiness they can find.

Anthony fires Logan. Later, Claudia takes heat from her father when he discovers that Jason survived the quarantine. Leyla observes a tender moment between Maxie and Spinelli.

Robin explains to an angry Patrick why she questions his sudden eagerness to play daddy. Jax tells an intrigued Kate he thinks his wife might be pregnant. Carly is floored to learn of Sonny's wedding plans.

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General Hospital
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