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Today on General Hospital,

Though Robin is incensed to see another thousand nasty comments posted on her blog, Patrick swears that he and Spinelli had nothing to do with the spamming this time around.

Kelly tells Jax it might be possible for Carly to conceive again but not while she's still grieving for Michael. Jason warns Johnny that he will finish whatever the Zaccharas start.

Maxie assures Kate she would never stoop so low as to gossip about her boss doing the deed with Sonny on her desk. At the Metro Court, Claudia coldly advises Carly to keep Lulu out of her hair.

Elizabeth encourages Nikolas to believe that he will eventually feel strong enough to move on with his life. Spinelli explains to Jason how he accidentally provoked Sonny's wrath yet again.

Carly warns a startled Lulu that messing with Claudia is far more dangerous than she knows. Patrick urges Robin to stop blogging but she stubbornly digs in her heels.

Jax springs a romantic surprise on Carly. Lulu complains to Johnny about his sister taking advantage of her vulnerable brother. Claudia reminds Jason how much better off everyone would be if he simply eliminated Anthony from the equation.

Diane gives Spinelli her own take on the best way to win Maxie over. Johnny orders Nikolas to stay away from Claudia.

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