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General Hospital
Episode Recap
June 6, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Kate walks in just as Maxie struggles to pull away from Spinelli's embrace. Sonny is appalled to find his father on the pier, beaten bloody. Jason reminds Lulu why her relationship with Johnny will inevitably end in tears.

On Spoon Island, Claudia explains to her brother how Nikolas saved her life. Jax presents Carly with a charm bracelet symbolizing their life together. Sonny rushes Mike to the hospital.

Much to Spinelli's dismay, Maxie assumes that his kiss was a clever ploy to prevent Kate from discovering that her assistant was sneaking a forbidden peek at the new designs.

Sam asks Elizabeth to let her spend some time with Cameron and Jake while the boys are in Lucky's company.

Carly tells Jax she may never be ready to consider bringing another child into the world. Lulu barges into Wyndemere for a second set-to with Claudia. Sonny confronts the loan shark responsible for injuring Mike but is taken aback when the man merely scoffs at the ex-mobster's empty threats.

Elizabeth and Sam come to a new understanding following a heart-to-heart chat about Lucky. Nadine is excited to receive an invitation from Nikolas. Mike confides to Kate his concern about his son. Meanwhile, Sonny lashes out at Spinelli before turning his wrath on Jason.

Claudia warns Johnny that his girlfriend is a major head case. Jax and Carly make love. Leyla encounters a distraught Spinelli on the docks.

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General Hospital
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