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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 5/12

Today on General Hospital, Carly tries to come to terms with sending Michael to the care facility.

Kate confesses to Sonny that she paid Ian to leave town. She explains it was to protect Sonny and end the cycle of violence. Still, Sonny is furious. He accuses Kate of betraying him.

Jax finds Kate a sobbing mess in her office. Sonny admits to Claudia that he appreciates the fact she doesn't try to pretend to be something she's not even though he still finds her loathsome.

Jerry, threatening Claudia to listen to him or he'll reveal her role in Michael's shooting, looks like flirtation to an observing Alexis. She's jealous. She vents to Luke.

Lucky asks Tracy to try and talk sense into Luke and convince him not to get involved with the Zaccharas. Alexis warns Luke he'll be convicted of money laundering if he continues to do what he's doing. She explains there is already evidence against him, but she is looking the other way.

However, any more incidents and she'll be forced to prosecute.

Johnny wants to get evidence to use against his father. Lulu explains to Johnny that Anthony is threatening her father if she doesn't get back together with him (Johnny). The two decide to work together to try to get information out of Anthony by pretending they are a couple.

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