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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5.13.08

Today on General Hospital, Alan returns to the mansion to remind Tracy that despite all her protestations to the contrary she still wants Luke. Epiphany assures Sonny he's doing the right thing by transferring Michael to the permanent care facility.

Mike stops by to see his grandson before he's moved and encourages Sonny to visit the new hospital for himself. Spinelli comes to the "Crimson" office seeking news of Maxie and is dejected when Kate reveals that her assistant is working with a top designer in New York City for a few days.

Patrick grows frustrated by Robin's grim determination to raise their child alone. Aboard the Haunted Star, Lucky implores his father to stop laundering money for the mob but Luke again turns a deaf ear to another loved one's warnings.

Mike urges Sonny to hold on to the memory of Michael's love. Spinelli wanders over to Jake's, where he glumly confides to Coleman how he's been batting zero with the opposite sex. A concerned Edward and Alice watch Tracy arguing with the empty air.

Kate sadly explains to Mike why Sonny broke things off with her. Later, Mike begs Kate to believe that Sonny needs her now more than ever. Luke makes a gallant effort to woo his wife back to his side. Lulu assures Johnny that her feelings for him are genuine.

Coleman and Patrick give Spinelli the benefit of their own experience with women. Lucky and Sam find Nikolas passed out on the floor of his hospital room. Robin decides to start a video blog to reach out to the sisterhood of single expectant moms.

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