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General Hospital
Episode Recap
March 12, 2008

Today on General Hospital, A scalpel yielding Nikolas holds everyone in the operating room at bay as he flies into one of his rages. Nadine understands what Nikolas is feeling and only pretends to inject him with a sedative in front of the others. Nikolas agrees to let Ian secretly treat him with an experimental drug.

Patrick displays paternal qualities when he insists Robin get examined by Kelly after being kicked in the stomach by Nikolas. Although she loves him, Robin pushes Patrick away when claims he wants to be in his child's life.

Johnny composes music with Lulu in mind but it's later taken from him as he remains Sonny's hostage. Claudia faces off with Sonny and demands to know where her brother is. Maxie impresses Spinelli when she deduces that Michael had been on a certain supply ship. Sonny goes into denial when Jason states his theory that Michael might have been the person who shot Kate. Sonny is forced to consider the possibility that Michael ran away after Bugs and J.T. admit they sold Michael a gun.

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General Hospital
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