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Friday, March 14

General Hospital Recap
Kate understands why Sonny had a one night stand with Claudia and forgives him. Michael contacts Carly and insists she come alone to meet him at the abandoned cannery. Carly is flooded with emotion when Michael runs into her arms. Michael confesses to Carly to having accidentally shot Kate.

Claudia believes that together, she and Ric could be a force to be reckoned with. Claudia tells Sonny that she's taking out Trever and will trade the Zacchara shipping lanes for Johnny. Trevor has a sniper fire at Claudia, but he ends up hitting one of Diego's explosive devices instead.

Michael, Carly, Sonny, Claudia, Ric and Marianna are all in the cannery when it explodes.

Sam feels like she's lost everything when she learns she's been fired from Everyday Heroes. Lucky questions Elizabeth about her belief that she ran Sam down with her car. Sam is in disbelief when she hears Lucky telling Elizabeth that he'll try to convince Sam not to press charges against her.

Lulu pours out her heart as she tells Scott exactly what Logan means to her. Luke turns murderous when he overhears Scott confess to Lulu that he killed Rick Webber and let Laura take the blame.

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