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On today's General Hospital, Patrick shows concern for Robin when she experiences extreme nausea but she doesn't want his sympathy or attention.  Lulu pays another visit to Logan.

Johnny is the first to get up after the bomb explodes and starts searching for Claudia. Instead, he finds Michael, who is trapped underneath debris.  He frees him and they search for others.

Sonny makes it out of the warehouse and runs into Jax, who tells him that Carly and Michael are trapped inside. We see a shot of Carly, sauntering through a bar and casually taking a drink of a beer.

Johnny brings Michael out of the warehouse and reunites him with his dad. Ric and Marianna try to make their way out of the building. Mac and the rest of the police force show up and begin the rescue effort.

Michael confesses to Sonny that he was the one who shot Kate.

Johnny ignores the cops and goes off in search of Claudia on his own while Sonny hangs back and answers Mac's questions about the events leading up to the bomb. Alexis tries to convince Jax not to go into the warehouse to search for Carly but he doesn't listen to her.

Michael receives medical attention at the hospital from Robin. Sonny finds Trevor in the warehouse and the two try to figure out where Claudia is.  There's another shot of Carly and in this one, Jason shows up at the bar and puts down money for a friendly game of pool.

Lulu begs Logan to wake up so she can find out why he tried to frame Johnny and if it was her fault. When she walks away, his hand moves again. While checking in on Logan's condition with Patrick, Lulu overhears that Michael is receiving treatment after a bomb went off on the piers.

As General Hospital nears its end, Marianna gets out and tells Alexis that she got separated from Ric, who is still inside somewhere. As Jax searches for Carly, Ric hears him and drags Randy's body out of site.

Sonny finds Carly's phone in the warehouse and then sees someone trapped under debris. He immediately starts digging, thinking that he's found her. Jason and Carly flirt Lulu finds Johnny on the piers and the two throw their arms around each other. Sonny inadvertently ends up rescuing Claudia, not Carly.

Carly is finally shown in the warehouse, unconscious, in a pool of water.

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