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March 20, 2008
General Hospital
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Today on General Hospital, Jason summons help after finding Claudia standing over a gasping Carly. Though Jax warns him not to cover up Michael's crime, Sonny insists that the boy needs to move on with his life.

Scott dispenses some fatherly advice to Logan. Elizabeth threatens to have Sam brought up on kidnapping charges if she dares to go to the authorities about the hit-and-run.

Alexis explains to Lucky why the looming mob war could have serious consequences for Kristina. Kelly tries to calm Carly as she works to halt her patient's abdominal cramping.

Later, Jax promises his worried wife they aren't going to lose their baby. Sonny hesitantly admits to Kate how his son shot her by accident. Meanwhile, Diane cautions Jason about several potentially serious legal problems on the horizon. A sympathetic Claudia reaches out to her brother after Lulu walks out on him.

Elizabeth smells a rat when Sam tells Lucky she won't press charges against his estranged wife.

Lulu informs a pleased Logan that she's done with Johnny. Following an ultrasound, Kelly regretfully delivers devastating news to Carly and Jax.

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