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General Hospital
March 24, 2008
Episode Recap

Monica lashes out at Jason when he informs her he has proof that she ran Sam down. Randy's body turns up in the debris as the cannery clean-up begins. Michael informs his dad that Carly and Jax are expecting a baby. Ian reminds Claudia how he can make her another ton of money if Trevor is out of the loop.

Ric assures Marianna he knows she isn't capable of murder, even where a louse like Randy is concerned. Out of Michael and Morgan's earshot, Jax bitterly accuses Sonny of causing Carly's miscarriage. Maxie introduces herself to Kate and announces that she would make a fabulous assistant for the famous fashion editor.

Monica finally admits to Jason that she was responsible for the hit-and-run but insists she only began drinking after he robbed her of everyone she loved. Jason explains to Sam how his own mother nearly killed her. Claudia crows to Johnny about the business deal she's arranged with an old associate.

Ric tries to calm a panicking Marianna.

Sam has no intention of pressing charges against Monica. Jax and Carly cling to one another as they grieve for the baby they lost. Maxie prods Spinelli to help her sound smart enough to pass inspection at "Couture."

Elizabeth is thrilled to learn she's off the hook for Sam's injuries. Trevor threatens to send Marianna away for murdering Randy unless Ric surrenders the deed to the waterfront properties.

Ian and Claudia pretend to be meeting for the first time at the hospital as an unwitting Nikolas looks on. Monica's drinking leads to another crash.

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General Hospital
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