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General Hospital
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On today's General Hospital, Patrick suggests that Lucky probably wouldn't appreciate Elizabeth taking Jake to visit Jason in the hospital. Spinelli finally opens the box of Stan's possessions and finds a copy of "The Island of Dr. Moreau." Jerry tells a wary Jax he's had a change of heart and wants to take his brother up on his generous offer. On Spoon Island, Alexis encourages Nikolas to spend some time with his young son.

Sonny fills Kate in about Michael's disappearance. In his padded cell, Johnny continues to occupy his time by covering the walls with Debussy's music. Cassius tells Epiphany that Spinelli may have a lead on her son's killer. Upset when Nikolas announces that he's decided not to have surgery, Alexis angrily reminds her nephew how Spencer needs him more than ever. Randy tracks Marianna to Port Charles.

Sam thanks Lucky for saving her life. Patrick confides to Elizabeth how Robin admitted she is carrying his child. Insisting that what they have together isn't real, Emily presses Nikolas to let the doctors remove his tumor. Lulu frets about Johnny's safety after leaving yet another unreturned message on his cell. Lucky regrets kicking her out, but Sam reminds her former flame how her instinct has always been to protect herself.

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General Hospital
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