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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 5/14/08

Today on General Hospital ...

As Nikolas is finally stabilized, Elizabeth tells Dr. Harmony how another patient suffered a seizure following administration of the same medication which then never showed up on a blood panel.

Spinelli takes Patrick's advice to heart and decides to practice his newly acquired social skills with an attractive woman at the bar. Meanwhile, Coleman places a call to Jason to warn him that the "Jackal" is headed for trouble. Logan looks on as Anthony faces off with Johnny and Lulu.

Ric advises Claudia to join forces with him and turn against both her brother and her father. Jax suggests to Carly that they move now to eradicate Sonny from Michael and Morgan's lives by asking him to surrender his parental rights to both boys.

Coleman and Jason explain to a rattled Spinelli that he was trying to pick up a prostitute. Nikolas admits to Lucky, Sam and Elizabeth how he purchased black market drugs from Ian.

Anthony promises Logan he'll have the opportunity to move up in the Zacchara organization if he doesn't make trouble for Johnny. Spinelli moans to Jason about losing Maxie to a fashion designer, then expresses doubt that he'll ever win the heart of any fair maiden.

Carly thanks Epiphany for taking such good care of Michael during his stay at the hospital. Anthony informs Claudia he's trying to save her from repeating her mother's mistakes.

Alexis cautions Jax that Sonny will be furious when he's presented with the documents she drew up. Anthony instructs Ric to do whatever it takes to win Claudia's trust.

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