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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 5.19

Today on General Hospital, Carly and Sonny turn to each other to escape their shared pain and grief. They end up having sex. After, Carly brings up that Morgan would only be truly safe if Sonny were not his father.

Sonny can't refute Carly's argument, but when Carly presents Sonny with the legal documents asking him to renounce all his parental rights to Morgan, Sonny isn't happy. Kate and Jax grow closer over the fact they both feel shut out by Sonny and Carly, respectively. Their talks leads to a kiss.

Nikolas tends to a wounded Claudia, who collapses in his arms. In her delirium, Claudia reveals her association with Ian to Nikolas and in doing so, that she was ultimately responsible for Michael's shooting.

Elizabeth leads Jason to a cabin to seek shelter from the storm. He breaks down over Michael and his guilt at Michael's accident. Jason feels that if he let AJ be a father to Michael all those years ago, Michael wouldn't have been exposed to a dangerous life.

This compounds with Jason's own sadness over denying his own son with Elizabeth. Elizabeth consoles Jason, pointing out he would never do anything to deliberately cause Michael harm. She goes on to say that Jake would want Jason to know that he's had a happy life because of his father.

Trevor tries to convince Johnny that he's just playing into Anthony's hands by continuing his relationship with Lulu. He advocates the two break up. Johnny and Lulu refuse. Lulu insists to Johnny that they continue their plan to destroy Anthony despite the possible danger.

Trevor arranges to have Luke busted for money laundering so that Anthony will lose his leverage over Lulu.

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