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General Hospital
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May 27, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Jason argues with Sonny about his plan to leave the business behind. Carly decides to skip town with Morgan and enlists help from Spinelli to acquire new identities for herself and her young son.

Robin tells Patrick she thinks keeping the lines of communication open is important even if watching each other's video blogs proves difficult. Lulu and Johnny discuss how best to handle the double-cross they're pulling on his father.

Meanwhile, Trevor warns Anthony to stop uttering threats against Lulu in public. Spinelli surreptitiously places an urgent call to Jason. Patrick assures a beaming Robin that he's looking forward to meeting their baby.

Milo asks Diane not to mess up his brother's life. Sonny gets rough with Spinelli when the "Jackal" dares to suggest that renouncing paternity might be best for his children. Trevor advises Lulu to vanish from Port Charles before Anthony make his next move.

Maxie takes Spinelli back to her bedroom for safekeeping. Desperate to prevent Carly from taking off, Jason offers to convince Sonny to give Morgan up.

Robin shares with Patrick the excitement of feeling their unborn child's first kicks. Kate and Sonny again declare their love for one another.

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