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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 5.8.08

On today's General Hospital, Claudia's fear turns to relief when she realizes Jason doesn't know she was involved with Michael's shooting. She tries to convince him that Anthony is responsible for it.

Sonny and Carly's heart breaks as Morgan finds it difficult to understand why his older brother Michael won't wake up. Sonny gives Carly an ultimatum – either she sends Michael to the permanent care facility or he'll sue her for sole guardianship. Carly breaks down in Jason's arms after he forces her to face the truth about Michael. Kate defends Carly to Sonny.

Claudia is intrigued by Ric's offer.

Nikolas makes a decision about his future after gaining some insight from Luke.

While sitting by Michael's beside, Jason reaffirms his vow to stay out of Jake's life.

Until tomorrow's General Hospital ...

General Hospital
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