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Sam realizes that Jerry set her up. Sonny decides to lay down some ground rules with Anthony.

Spinelli frantically attempts to convince the staff at Shady Brook that he is just a visitor to their facility and not one of its residents.

Jason assures Karpov he has no quarrel with him but warns the Russian that Sonny is forging some dangerous new alliances.

While Lulu distracts the doctor, Maxie sneaks into the padded cell to free Spinelli. Ric and Claudia discuss their unusual relationship.

Jerry slyly strengthens his position with Alexis while her outraged daughter insists the man has been smuggling drugs.

Anthony informs Sonny he must prove his allegiance by marrying Claudia.

Robin promises Patrick she's completely at peace with her decision to tie the knot. Olivia asks Jason why he turned on his mentor and friend. Mac arrives at Sam's place with a search warrant.

Sonny refuses to meet Anthony's demands.

Kate accuses Jason of driving her fiance back to the mob with his betrayal. Luke and Tracy land in more hot water in Mexico.

Mac and his officers find a cache of stolen pharmaceutical drugs in Sam's apartment. Meanwhile, Jerry triumphantly informs Karpov that Sam will no longer be a problem.

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