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Saying she was framed, Sam tells Mac she's been working undercover. Claudia is startled to learn from Sonny how her father made their union a condition of "employment."

Scott guesses that Maxie and Spinelli are working to break Lulu out of Shady Brook. Jason warns Anthony he'll tear the organization apart if the Zaccharas try to bring Sonny on board.

Lucky hurries to Sam's apartment upon hearing of the search warrant but elects to keep mum about their secret relationship.

At the hospital, Epiphany gives a puzzled Robin and Patrick the cold shoulder. Ric gleefully reminds Jason that he won't be able to lift a finger to save his former friend.

Scott cautions Lulu not to put her trust in her highly unstable friends. Claudia informs Anthony she has no intention of marrying Sonny.

Epiphany tells Patrick and Robin she knows they'll be back at each other's throats any day now. Kate again implores Sonny not to turn back to a life of crime so they can finally have a life together.

At the precinct house, an enraged Sam vows to make Jerry pay.

Sonny makes it clear to Kate that he must retaliate no matter how she feels. Olivia realizes how alike Sonny and Dante really are.

Robin invites Jason to her wedding. Claudia is pleased to discover she's sitting in the catbird's seat.

Olivia eavesdrops on Mike's conversation with his son. Meanwhile, Scott listens in as Lulu pours out her heart to her mother.

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