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Luke and Tracy find themselves sharing a jail cell in Mexico town. At Shady Brook, Lulu gets a glimpse of Johnny... she thinks.

Epiphany and Elizabeth suggest to Robin that she start delegating work instead of taking on so much just before her scheduled maternity leave.

Nadine berates a puzzled Nikolas for acting so cavalier after their night together. Claudia accuses Ric of betraying her by conspiring with her father.

Johnny assures Lulu she wasn't hallucinating but insists he won't jeopardize her recovery by staying for a visit.

A pretty young senorita bails Luke out, leaving Tracy behind to stew in her own juices. Jax and Carly again hash out their differences at the Metro Court.

Ric is taken aback to learn that his employer expects Claudia to tie the knot with Sonny. Nadine pretends to be enamored of Patrick in a feeble effort to make Nikolas jealous.

Maxie and Spinelli show Lulu proof that she couldn't have penned the threatening notes. Jason warns Carly that Sonny is about to forge a dangerous alliance with Anthony.

Patrick, Elizabeth, Epiphany, Kelly, Lainey and Nadine surprise Robin with a combination bridal/baby shower at Jake's.

Luke finally returns to free Tracy.

Though Lulu is relieved to think she hasn't gone completely around the bend, Spinelli points out that they still don't know who's blackmailing her.

Patrick explains to the amused party guests why he chose Coleman to be his best man. Jax moves to steal Spoon Island out from under the Cassadine prince.

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