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Laura forces Scott to surrender his grip on Lulu. Claudia and Jason visit a justice of the peace, and after intercepting a call on Olivia's cell, Sonny questions her about her son.

Laura demands to know how Scott could threaten her child.

In Mexico, an inebriated Luke and Tracy wait in vain for a call from Edward.

Lucky explains to Nikolas how Jerry framed Sam. Olivia tries to deflect Sonny's curiosity about the boy she never mentioned.

Jason and Claudia's wedding hits a snag when the justice of the peace refuses to marry two people who are clearly uninterested in one another.

Scott reminds Laura why Lulu shouldn't get a free pass for killing his son. Jerry suggests to Sam that they could work together to find a solution to her current predicament.

Claudia informs Jason she only wanted to show him how far she was willing to go. When Sonny continues to press her for answers, Olivia claims she never knew exactly who impregnated her with Dante.

Nadine apologizes to Nikolas for jumping to all the wrong conclusions about his encounter with Carly. Lucky accuses a sputtering Sam of enjoying the cat and mouse game she's been playing with Jerry.

Scott offers to let Lulu off the hook if Laura will run away with him. Nikolas tells a beaming Nadine how happy she makes him.

Though Sam entreats him to believe she would never have slept with Jerry, Lucky decides to leave Port Charles for a while to think things through.

As Lulu frantically attempts to convince the skeptical doctors that her mom has been abducted, Scott hits the road with Laura.

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