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Mac is a bundle of nerves, Robin remains blissfully calm as her wedding day dawns. Jason tells Sonny how close he came to tying the knot with Claudia.

Maxie explains to Spinelli why she doubts she'll ever get married. Claudia reminds Ric she'll have to wed his brother sooner or later if Anthony has his way.

Meanwhile, Jason entreats an angry Sonny to walk away from the Zaccharas before the situation becomes even more dire.

Olivia encourages Patrick not to give up racing just because he's about to settle down with a wife and child. Claudia drops a bombshell on Kate, who finds her strange story hard to swallow.

Anna and Robin share a heart to heart talk. Maxie nags Jason to attend Robin's nuptials. Sonny assures Ric he has no intention of marrying into the Zacchara clan. Claudia lays down the law to her father.

Insisting he has enough time to do rounds, Patrick waves off Epiphany's warning that he needs to get ready for the ceremony.

Elizabeth bumps into Jason at the church. Olivia furiously confronts Sonny yet again. While quarrelling with Claudia, Anthony suddenly begins gasping for breath.

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